After years of upgrades to AEC REMRate I, like many, have kept hundreds of files original to the version of software that created them. Unfortunately we all know that simply double clicking an older file presents us with the newest version of REMRate, asking if we want to update that file.

For the older legacy files, we always have to first open the older version of REM software, than drag and drop or choose file/open.

That changed for me one cold weekend here in the NE. Being the type of person who hates feeling bored, I  decided to put an end to the madness. I wrote a utility that launches any building file with the correct version of REMRate (As long is you still have it in your PC)

The utility was written in perl, and includes the source code. But for those who feel as if I just spoke another language, no fear.
A windows 32bit exe has been included for “ease of use”

I put ease of use in quotes above, because there is a little bit of initial setup required. If your computer skills are lacking, and need help, let me know. Im sure we can work something out. If you have a local IT guru, or can generally follow instructions, you should find that the instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

The RemLaunch program does not change the building file in any way, I created the software for myself, including my own neurotic need to maintain all files as new. Most HERS Raters are a tad bit technical anyway, and Im sure that you don’t need to be reminded to keep backups anyway…

As I also hope to improve the software, by adding new features, I would call this a functional beta.

If you like what I have done and wish it did this or that, let me know! If your a professional or enthusiast programmer who knows the perl language, please contribute.  While my code is 100% functional, I always welcome improvements !