Building Science 101

A basic course in Building Science, designed to give a solid foundation in understanding how Efficiency, Durability, Safety and comfort can all be designed into any residence.

This course is geared for everyone, with insights that existing building science professionals will find useful.

Lastly, you will learn why there has been a push towards efficiency and understand why comfort, durability and safety are entwined with efficiency.

While this course is free, you are required to enroll.

Course Information

Estimated Time: Estimated length of course is dependent on the knowledge for the student. For those with a building science background 2 hours may be all that is needed. If your new to this science, you may choose to use the lessons as a jumping point for your own research before moving further or not.

Author Information

Glenn Hooper

Glenn Hooper is the owner and Founder of Residential Energy Conservation and


1 month of access