Thermal Imaging

Infrared Inspections

Thermal imaging is by far the most advanced method for preventive maintenance for many building systems. Roof leaks can be detected before structural damage can occur, use of IR can detect faulty electrical devices and failing mechanical systems can be repaired on your schedule, and not when it might hurt the most

In addition, thermal imaging can detect flaws in a buildings envelope. The envelope is supposed to be where the insulation resists heat loss. IR can show when the insulation is missing or installed improperly and can highlight areas where a thermal bypass is allowing heat to escape or to cold to come in.

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Our training met the proposed BPI and RESNET standards, satisfies the Level I infrared requirements from ASNT and The Snell Certification Standard. In Canada, it meets the new National Master Specifications (NMS) Section 02 27 13, Thermographic Assessment; Building Envelope.