HERS Ratings,
The Home Energy Rating System is a procedure that compares the energy efficiency of a new home with a code built home and based on the results assigns the new home an index number, or rating.  The lower the index, the more efficient the home is. An index of 0 would mean the home is off the grid, not needing any power or energy other than what it produced itself. A 0 also means that that home doesn’t have a surplus of energy, and if did might be in the negative. A score of 100 would mean that the home is built exactly to the 2006 International Residential Energy Code

HERS ratings are required for all new homes in many towns, All Energy Star labeled homes must be rated and ratings are typically requested by any one building a home for themselves.

Glenn Hooper has had over 20 years of experience in the residential construction market, as such he is perfectly poised to help you build your home.

We have traditionally provided HERS ratings in Suffolk County and Nassau County but have started seeing a little work in Connecticut. If your outside these areas and your project demands the best, send an email and may be I can help you !

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Heating and Cooling Load Calculations, Manual J 8th Ed.
The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) have unanimously agreed that the best way to determine how large or small a heating or cooling system should be to properly perform what is called a Manual J 8th Edition. The 8th edition is about the only method allowed by most state codes and as such requires computer software to perform.Having the calculations performed properly is about the only thing that could result in a comfortable home.

Glenn Hooper is uniquely comfortable with the ACCA approved, Elite Soft RHVAC software and has been training HVAC Contractors, engineers and industry professionals for LIPA, Conservation Services Group and other electric utility’s since 2010 from California to Long Island with Training with the trades,

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I can provide a Manual J 8th ed or MJ8 to Suffolk County or Nassau County customers. Using email I can provide this service to any one in the United States.

Manual D (Duct Sizing)
As far as comfort is concerned, sizing heating and cooling is important. Properly sizing duct work is more important. Today’s heating and cooling equipment may be smaller in output, but the amount of air needed has mostly unchanged. As the CFM of air per Ton of cooling has gone up, properly dehumidifying the home is more difficult and ducts absolutely need to be sized correctly. The Manual D can only be performed after the Manual J.

As long as I have performed the Manual J, I can provide a Manual D to Suffolk County or Nassau County customers. Using email I can provide this service to any one in the United States.

Duct Testing
Most homes that have forced hot air or central air conditioning have ducts located in then homes attic or basement. As these areas are largely unconditioned and considered outside, ducts that leak, leak directly to the out doors. Duct losses account for a significant portion of a homes total heating and cooling costs. Codes require that all contractors who install duct work seal it. As that code has largely gone unenforced,
most ducts leak profusely. Currently the codes have changed and according to NYS, ANY new home built with ductwork MUST be tested to guarantee that leakage is within acceptable limits. Quite a few towns have jumped on board and now require testing to get a CO issued.

General Construction Consulting
With having 20 years of building experience, the most diversified training in the industry of almost any other NYS HERS rater, I can help you with all of your projects needs.

EliteSoft RHVAC Training
If your an industry professional we can train you how to use EliteSoft RHVAC to produce accurate heating and cooling load calculations. Contact us today to see when we have the next class scheduled !

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Thermograhphy (Thermal Imaging)

Passive House Rating